How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointment Scheduling Currently can occur 2 ways:

1) By using this web site and it's companion site "The Booking Brain"you can schedule, change, or even cancel an appointment 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

In order to utilize this option you must first “Log Into” this web site using your “User-Name” and “Pass-Word”  which  will then transfere you to the  secure scheduling site.

Dr. W and his assistant(s) are continually supervising the transition of new and returning former clients into this on-line scheduling system as it is only available for registered active clients.

Briefly, this is how it works:
Once you've called and spoken to Dr. Williams and have received your unique “User-Name” and “Pass-Word” you can “Log In” you can and schedule your appointment 24/7.


You'll find on the “Left Side Menu Bar” of this the M2B WELL “Web Site Home Page" beneeth the"Patient Login”  a UserName and a Pass Word field [rectangular box(s)].

So far everyone is finding the site simple and very convenient, even for a client who stated that they personally “don’t use the family computer for anything else”.

How will I know if I’m logged in?
Once you've logged in through
www.M2BWell.com you will be transfered to "The Booking Brain" which is a secure website that allows you to select a time that your therapist is available that fits your schedule and "book it" 24/7.
You are no longer limited to “office hours” to call and schedule an appointment. 

2) The 2nd way is to Call (703) 946-8534 and have a live person, set you up with a username and password, and walk you through the online scheduling. The scheduler is generally available 9am till 4pm Monday through Thursday and 9am till 12:00 noon on Fridays. 

If your call is not answered directly please leave a full and detailed message of your request, together with the best days and times for us to call you back. 

If your msg. is not returned durring work hours by an assistant Dr. W will attempt to reach you/leave a msg. typically later that night or the next day/evening. 

Remember, Please always leave a full message and a phone number with a secure voice mail into which Dr. W can call (most times late night, after the last client). 

Make sure to designate how late Dr. W can call and leave a number/voice mail that is accessable late at night (i.e. will not disrupt or awaken you) if he should call back sometime around 10pm (or as late as 1am).

This will help reduce potential "voice mail tag" if you aren't available to answer your phone when we call you back.

If your call has not been returned quickly enough for you...please call again.  If your need for an appointment is “urgent” please indicate that in your first message; as some days, depending on the volume of calls and available time to return calls, we may need to triage our return calls on a given day.

One last statement about the online scheduling…
Don't be nervous...The Online option is by far the most efficient way to schedule appointments...in real time 24 hours a day.

You are encouraged to leave any comments (positive or negative) about the scheduling process on Dr. Williams’  “Vent Line” at:
 (703) 887-2613.

Will other clients see my personal information?
Appointments will merely state "Booked" to any other client looking at the site much in the same way that you cannot access the names of other passengers on an airline flight that you schedule online.

We will not require anyone to submit any personally identifying information on this Website. You will use a User-Name and Password to access the site and will be assigned a client number.  You can choose your own UserName and Password or we can assign those to you.  We prefer that you not use any part of your real names on this site.

You will be able to view the details of only your own scheduled appointments.

Where is the Mind2Body Wellness Institute located?
We are located on the 5th and 7th floors
Dr. Williams primary office is now within Suite 550 at:

The Chevy Chase Metro Building
2 Wisconsin Circle, Suites 550 and 700
Chevy Chase, MD  20815

This building is the "Chevy Chase Metro building" at Wisconsin and Western Ave.'s diagonally across the street from the Mazza gallery.  Directly above/"on top of" the Friendship Heights Metro Station.

If taking the metro:
Once you have arrived at the Friendship Heights Metro stop you will actually have a choice of 3-4 exit options.  The most efficient exit is the one labeled:

The “Western Ave./Parking” exit.

How do I get to the Institute using the Metro?
We are located directly on the RED line of the DC Metro transit train lines...at the Friendship Heights Metro stop (between Tenleytown and Bethesda stops).

Our building is DIRECTLY "above" or "on top of" the Friendship Heights Metro Station.
Once you step off the train underground... you will have a choice of 3-4 exit options.

We are the:         “Western Ave./Parking” exit.

Take the escalator up to the surface and you will be dry and reasonably protected from the elements...under the buildings 2nd floor Atrium (but open on the sides to the sidewalks, snack shop and Metro bus station).

There you can either:
A) Walk 2O feet to your right and go up the escalator to the 2nd floor lobby level (this is your only choice if your appointment is after 5:30 pm as the 1st floor lobby entrance door will be locked between 5:30pm and 6pm). 
Once up on the 2nd floor Atrium area you will enter the building (straight ahead/slightly to the Left) near the Indique Heights Restaurant.  Once inside continue to the far side of the lobby near the elevators.  If it is before 7pm you may just enter the elevator and go up to the 5th floor.  After 7pm the security guard to the left of the elevators will escort you up to the 5th floor.
If the guard is not available at the time of your appointment 15 mins call his answering service toll free at (866) 647-3518 to let him know that you are there and we will come down to get you (all of Dr. W's sessions start at 15 mins after the hour).

B) Before 5:30pm you may just walk straight ahead about 300 feet to the 1st floor lobby entrance.  After 5:30 you can only rise to the 2nd floor lobby were you must ask the security guard to escort you up to the 7th floor.  You should then come back to my office or use a phone to let Dr. W know when you've arrived (especially if you are late).

If it is the time that you are to have your session please call Dr. W at (240) 235-6038
So that he is alerted to your presence and can start your appointment as close to on time as possible.
Please do not PLAN to arrive early as there is limited waiting room space...and Dr. W can guarantee...that HE will never be early  :>)

We are located at:

2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700
Chevy Chase, MD  20815

This building is the "Chevy Chase Metro building" at Wisconsin and Western Ave.'s diagonally across the street from the Mazza gallery...

We are located at:

2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700
Chevy Chase, MD  20815

This building is the "Chevy Chase Metro building" at Wisconsin and Western Ave.'s diagonally across the street from the Mazza gallery...


How do I enter the building after 5:30 p.m.?
Once you've arrived at the building:
If you're ariving after 5:30pm or from the Metro and/or the Western ave face of the building take the escalator up to the 2nd floor lobby level (this is your only choice if your appointment is after 7 pm as the 1st floor lobby entrance doors near the Wisconcin Circle face of the building will be locked typically by 6pm).
If you've parked in the buildings garage or you've walked into the building on the first floor take the elevator to the 2nd floor looby level. 
The 2nd floor is the same level as the Indique Heights Restaurant.

The elevators (not the stairs) provide access and security to each floor of this 14 story office building.  The public elevators selectively deny access to any floor not OK'd after 7pm for 5th floor access, and 5:30 pm for access to 7th floor. The security guard is no longer available.

If it is time for your session please call Dr. W's answering service at: 
(866) 647-3518

and ask them to let Dr. W know that you are there and he will come down and escort you up.  If you are early you are welcome to sit in the Atrium area if the weather is nice or in the restaurant (also on the 2nd floor) and wait for your appointment time as there is no seating in the lobby.

Again PLEASE call the answering service at the time of your session once you are ready for Dr. W to escort you up to the 5th or 7th floor. 
The security gaurd can no longer escort you up to the 7th floor as per new building security concerns.

Is parking available?
Yes, Parking is available directly under the building.

If you turn onto Wisconsin Circle directly from Wisconsin Blv. the first drive way is for the Metro buses...the next is a subterranean driveway leading to the underground parking beneath our building.

If you turning onto Wisconsin Circle from Western Ave. there will be an opening in the street divider at the opening for the bus turn around immediately before Wisconsin Circle intersects with Wisconsin Ave. Make a U-turn there and then an immediate right into the underground parking garage.

How do I reschedule or cancel an appointment?
Enter your UserName and Password to access "The Booking Brain" Scheduler
The welcome page has top of page menu bar [My profile, Appointment Scheduling, My Appointments, Logout].
 Select My Appointments and Upcoming appointments should appear by default but you can select that option within the new field that will appear when you select and are in the "My Appointments" first page.

Early Cancellations:

Early cancellations are permitted at any time prior to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time.  

For an early cancellation you can choose to have your money refunded or placed into an on-line credit account that you can use (at step 3 of the scheduling process) when you reschedule your appointment at a later time.

Late Cancellations:

Defined as cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will not necessarily be refunded.

Neither refund nor credit is guaranteed for Late Cancellations or No Shows.  You will be charged the full amount if you do not show for any unforeseen/unexpected reason.  You are always welcome to call in to conduct your session over the phone, or Skype.com.
For example if you are ill stuck in traffic.

Possible refund/credit for a Late Cancellation:

If someone else fills the time slot that you have cancelled within the 48-hour late cancellation time frame then you will be given two choices:
A) A credit for the amount you paid to reserve a future time slot or
B) Being refunded the entire amount
As per you’re choosing.

If the "No refund" circle is selected [below] that indicates that you are making a Late Cancellation.

What can I expect from an initial session?
The first session is typically a 2 hour "Intake" durring which...most likely, you'll have more fun than you've ever had or thought you'd ever have in a therapy session. 
His humor can inlarge the heart of any Grinch and put a smile on the most depressed face...if only for a moment...But many times that's all he needs to start the cognitive behavioral change that you seek.

If you're a parent bringing children.  He is a very skilled mediator/translator who will give you a glimpse into your childs heart and mind.  And with your childs permission he'll do that right there in front of your child thus gaining their respect and trust...as a true representive of the young mind.
Your children will actually ask you to come back.  At least untill he helps to impower you to be more effective in helping them help themselves...then you'll see that his rate is worth it (as that incourages most to make the necessary changes quickly...because if your family situation has developed to the point that you need to see him...everyone in the house needs to change...at least a little bit).

Dr. W likes to meet with the identified client and the primary care taker(s) for the first hour to hour 1/2 and then a coin flip determines whether the care giver(s) or the child will meet with Dr. W privately first. 

Will Dr. Williams treat siblings?

What age groups does Dr. Williams treat?
Current age range for the children that he see's is 4 years old to 87 years old (he brings out the malliable child in, just about, everyone).

How do I transfer medical records to Dr. Williams?
Must sign or have a Release of Information (ROI) from your previous treater(s).

Number of sessions for a complete evaluation ?
One full 2 hour intake session, and at least one to two other sessions.

What insurance does Dr. Williams accept?
None ("unless you're a relative...OK'd by my mom").

Insurance company's add to their profits by frustrating/delaying/denying payments to "Service Providers"...but they loose customers if they do that to their customers.
You will be given an invoice once you have had your session that you can then submit to your insurance company.  Dr. W realizes that he looses clients if they do not recieve their invoices immediately after the session, or in a timely mannor that allows for reimbursment...PLEASE insist/persist if you don't recieve one, can no longer find it for any other reason. Almost all insurance plans have provisions for "OUT OF NETWORK PROVIDERS"...you can contact your provider to see what percentage of your comany's standard an reasonable rate will be covered upon your submision of the invoice to them.  If this affects your decision please free to talk it over with Dr. W prior to any visit.

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