Kevin Williams, MD, MBA
Harmony in the family and workplace is our goal.


Dr. Williams subscribes to a family-centered model, which is: to maintain change in an individual, the entire family must undergo some degree of change. This is especially true when working with children.

Therapeutic philosophy: 

      I believe in the behaviorist approach, combined with significant elements of psychoanalytic theory and practice. While I take great care to tease out and understand what my clients are thinking and how they have become who they are.  At the end of the day, if things are not going well, the behavior needs to change.

           The son of a School Nurse and Clinical Psychologist (Behaviorist, then Cognitive Behaviorist).  Dr. Kevin Williams was trained by Yale University Professors during his Adult Psychiatry Residency and his Child & Adolescent Fellowship.  He was mentored by Dr. James Comer while at the world famous Yale Child Study Center where Sigmond Freud's daughter Anna Freud, (famous for her research /book on "The Psychoanalytic study of the Child"), before her death, worked with Dr. Williams' then Yale Professor and Commissioner of Mental Health for the State of Connecticut Albert Solnit to write "For The Best Interest of the Child" (the classic work used in matters related to children in divorce cases and even children in the legal system generally).

May you, in your work and your family, 







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