See Kevin Williams MD, on Oprah Show [10/31/02]
As a premier and innovative Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist, as well as a father of two himself, Dr. Williams was consulted by Oprah's producers for their first ever show on Fatherhood.  The producers so respected and enjoyed Dr. Williams’s insightful, useful and humorous perspectives, used to help Oprah's producer’s frame issues for that show, that they later invited him to be one of the actual fathers being highlighted.
    Out of several fathers highlighted the Oprah show producers encouraged and chose Dr. Williams to speak his mind and to sit on the stage with Oprah during that LIVE show [First dad of 4 on the stage, on the Left]    
    Oprah would later re-air clips from this show titled "The Secret Thoughts of Fathers" [originally taped in late October of 2002] in a special show highlighting a hand full of Oprah's favorite show's.
You may purchase the show and any of the others that followed [or other past shows] at:

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